|   April 18, 2019

Unlocking The Affective Potential With Deep Nets

By Ido Shamun

Affective computing is all about classifying and modelling emotions with nothing but a software algorithm.

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Affective Computing with Google Cloud Platform

As a big data enthusiast and pipelines developer, I have been using Google Cloud Dataflow for a while now, deployed many batch and streaming pipelines.

By Ron Nagar

|   June 17 2019

Emotional wellbeing 2.0 - wearables and affective computing

Affective computing (can also be referred to as Emotion AI) is the field of study and development of systems that can recognize human affects (emotions). It is an interdisciplinary field spanning through computer science, psychology, and cognitive science.

By Nimrod Kramer & Ido Shamun

|   November 25 2019

Improve mood and boost your well being

There is an extensive list of options out there, some more valuable than others.

By Omri Telem

|   May 7, 2019