April 7, 2016

The Elegant Monkeys Ltd. (TEM)

Nancy Spielberg joins Israeli startup

The Elegant Monkeys Ltd, an Israeli startup company, announces today the joining ofNancy Spielberg, Hollywood producer.


“I am very excited to take part in this venture; it could have an enormous impact. Isupport [the company’s] goals and ambitious prospects” said Spielberg, after which sheexpressed her strong intent for cooperation. “We have decided in recent meetings that Iwill take an active role on the advisory board and make an investment”.


This marks the first time in over 10 years that Spielberg is investing in a startup. Whileher family in the past has participated in startups, largely in the Silicon Valley, Nancynow sets her sights on The Elegant Monkeys of Israel, the startup-nation.


“I expect to inject a great deal of strategy, marketing and essentially anything within myreach to help pursue our shared vision of improving human well-being”, she adds.


“Nancy is a very strong addition to an already highly credible panel of advisors in ourcompany and we’re very pleased to have her with us. We continue to look ahead andachieve our goals”, according to Nimrod Kramer, Co-Founder of The Elegant MonkeysLtd.

Nancy Spielberg Joins TEM

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